Welcome to JeffCaravantes.com!


Welcome to JeffCaravantes.com! I’m glad you’re here. You’re about to embark on a journey into the world of Internet Marketing. Don’t worry, I’m here the whole time!

First, I’d like for you to be patient with me as I develop the site. It’s coming along nicely and I work practically everyday to insure that this will grow into one of your favorite “daily check” sites. I am not now, nor will I ever be a blogging guru. It’s going to be quite the challenge to keep up with my YouTube channel, Facebook Groups, this site, and of course, operating Jupiter Strategies LLC. (Want to learn more about me and my company, CLICK HERE.) I’ll do my best to keep up with everything and I hope you’ll join me for this awesome journey.

I’ll keep updating this blog regularly. I will add the videos that I place on YouTube here for your convenience. And I may just convert the video to text as well for those that like to read.

I’m going to head off now and continue working behind the scenes to make this a better place. If you have any questions, please reach out to me via my Help Desk.