About Jeff Caravantes

Jeff Caravantes, owner of Jupiter Strategies LLC and jeffcaravantes.com

Hi, I’m Jeff Caravantes, the founder of Jupiter Strategies LLC (“JS” or “Jupiter Strategies”). I’m a passionate and driven Online Entrepreneur. My focus is on creating and delivering effective tools, services, and systems for improving business operations and online marketing efforts. I am invested in my success, choosing to work with leading mentors and coaches in Internet Marketing. I am prepared to transform my energy and creative spirit into industry leading results.

My entry into Internet Marketing was unexpected. Ever since I was a little boy, I always wanted to run a major corporation, whether I founded it or not. I was accepted into Ohio University and planned to study Business Administration, but was unable to attend for financial reasons. I decided to attend Sinclair Community College where I attained an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement Police Science.

I have over 4 years of experience in a position of trust and service. In the summer of 2008, I started working as a security guard. I quickly gained a reputation for reliable performance and excellent service. After just 4 months of service, I was assigned to high priority clients. These clients have the strictest standards for personnel and contractors due to the sensitive nature of their business operations. I served the high priority clients until the fall of 2012.

While working full time, I returned to school to major in Paralegal Studies. During classes at Beckfield College, I realized that my childhood passion for business displayed itself as a strong interest in business law, especially Bankruptcy. I graduated from Beckfield in 2012 and ascertained specialized training as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. Alas, this training would not be implemented, though it may have contributed towards acquiring my position at one of Ohio’s leading Creditor’s Rights law firms.

In addition to running Jupiter Strategies LLC, I have experience working as Bankruptcy paralegal. I have been responsible for producing a large volume of Bankruptcy pleadings with a high degree of accuracy for attorney review. I also filed the approved documents electronically in the Bankruptcy Courts. As a result of this experience, I have learned the value of utilizing carefully tailored tools and services to build efficient business systems. Although I am currently operating Jupiter Strategies on a part-time basis, I plan to transform my business into the realization of my childhood dream.

About my company, Jupiter Strategies LLC

Jupiter Strategies LLC was formed with one purpose in mind: To serve the business needs of its customers and clients. JS identifies and delivers high quality products and services to success-minded clients. When gaps in the marketplace are found, JS steps in with carefully crafted solutions. JS places particular emphasis on a systemized approach to solving problems and increasing efficiency. JS products are characterized by their practical approach, comprehensive nature, and incredible value. Simply put, Jupiter Strategies provides products and services that work as advertised.

Quality Assurance is everything to Jupiter Strategies. All products and services are designed with the customer's total satisfaction in mind. Before launch, all products and services are vetted for total quality. This means everything from the technical aspects of the membership site to the aesthetics of the Welcome Page are carefully scrutinized. Jupiter Strategies constantly seeks feedback from customers and affiliates. Ideas for improvement are consistently integrated to insure the best possible experience for customers and clients. As a result of our quality assurance processes, JS products and services represent the best value for your dollar.

Whether you’re new to online entrepreneurship or run a burgeoning small business, Jupiter Strategies is here to serve your business needs. Let’s work together to transform your dream business into reality. Consider requesting a private consultation to discuss your goals and obstacles. Jupiter Strategies is here to serve.

Jupiter Strategies. Carefully crafted solutions for a dynamic market.